Children’s gender and you can years certain body mass index (BMI) z-score was in fact calculated making use of the Industry Wellness Organizations (WHO) progress site

Children’s gender and you can years certain body mass index (BMI) z-score was in fact calculated making use of the Industry Wellness Organizations (WHO) progress site


Open Steps Number (SC)-T2 methods and passion date pedometers (Strategies Number, Deep River, ON) were used to measure PA in children and you can parents. Which pedometer, which is automatically just like the newest Go for life pedometer, provides demonstrated a good reliability and reliability inside grownups and children 5–eleven ages-old . This new South carolina-T2 pedometers has an effective 3-s decelerate means to attenuate erroneous measures on account of jostling. Professionals one expressed the latest pedometer wasn’t joining actions securely were designated just like the forgotten for the entire four days. People who expressed it forgot to get this new pedometer to the to possess a critical period of time (i.elizabeth., over 3 h) were flagged which day’s dimension is actually designated given that lost. Most players (90 %) dressed in the newest pedometers to possess five successive days and also for three weekdays plus one weekend big date (62 %) as instructed. Average procedures was calculated just like the mean over the measured months.

Physical activity surveys

Moms and dads reported their child’s PA utilising the Group questionnaire, which has illustrated acceptable psychometric properties from inside the 10–12 season olds . Mothers conveyed how many times (frequency weekly) and for how much time (in minutes) their child always do prominent points in the modern seasons. Because this questionnaire was developed in australia, the actions and text was modified to be connected to an effective Canadian context and you may integrated diving, soccer, ballet/moving, gymnastics, skating, hockey, bike riding, fitness center products, effective gamble, “other”. Average PA inside minute/day try determined to have entire month. The brand new modified form of so it questionnaire was applied in the 1st studies of such members (SHAPEs) [30, 32]. This new Godin Leisure time Take action Survey was utilized to measure parents’ leisure-day MVPA. Parents reported how often (frequency per week) they actually do strenuous and average take action for over fifteen minute during their leisure time. To acquire an entire metabolic comparable (MET) rating, new strenuous score are increased because of the 9, the latest moderate get is increased of the 5, and they one or two results was basically summed. To be similar to the methods/go out scale, mediocre METS/day is best sex hookup apps for android actually calculated. It product was well-oriented and it has exhibited validity and you may precision data .


Weight and height were measured twice and recorded to the nearest .1 kg and .1 cm, respectively. If a discrepancy existed between the two measurements (>.5 cm for height; >.2 kg for weight), a third measurement was taken and the three measurements were averaged. The BMI z-score was used to categorize children as non-overweight (?1), overweight/obese (?1.01). Parental height and weight were self-reported, which was used subsequently to calculate BMI and group individuals as non-overweight (<25 kg/m 2 ), overweight/obese (? kg/m 2 ) . For both the children and parents, the non-overweight category included participants who could be classified as “thin” (children n = 87) or “underweight” (parents n = 10) or “healthy”. A weight status homogeneity variable was created by coding parents and children with the same weight status (i.e., both overweight/obese, both non-overweight) as 1 and those with a different weight status as 0.


Because of the dictate from 12 months into PA [31, 45], the year of evaluation big date and you can first over day’s pedometer dimensions have been calculated. Winter season try defined as December to February, spring since the March so you’re able to Can get, summer because the Summer to August, and you can trip/slip due to the fact Sep to help you November.


Children’s date of birth was used to determine age in years. Parent gender was recorded for the parent who wore the pedometer. Gender homogeneity was created by coding parents and children with the same gender (i.e., both female, both male) as 1 and those with the opposite gender as 0. Household income was categorized into < $80,000 per year and > $80,000 per year for our analyses based on the approximate median income level in Alberta . Parent education was categorized as “has not completed college/university”, “completed college/university”, and “completed graduate degree” for descriptive purposes and “no graduate degree” and “completed graduate degree” for the main analysis.