Inside the July 1957 Administrator Bell testified before a beneficial Congressional Committee and this are because of the Sporting events Expenses

Inside the July 1957 Administrator Bell testified before a beneficial Congressional Committee and this are because of the Sporting events Expenses

Marshall, a rival off extension, insisted that the committee be a panel of whole, however, Bell brought you to definitely Halas and you may Rooney, the earliest and most ardent advocates of expansion, function as a working panel

The guy mentioned that he considered the fresh new NFL manage develop regarding the next few years, indeed because of the 1960, but the guy and asserted that the guy don’t thought expansion will be result up until each one of the NFL clubs hit a particular won-losses listing, which he thought do soon are present. It was perhaps not an union on the behalf of the brand new NFL, but similar statements have been made periodically from the Bell by various NFL customers, always accredited of the mention of trouble of your own Cardinals and you may this new Redskins, or even to particular obtained-losses proportion, that was not intended to be a complete sample, but try designed to show the fact a whole lot more almost equal to experience energy of the present nightclubs is a significant need so you can NFL extension. By the 1959 all of the NFL nightclubs met with the prospective out of finding high enough obtained-loss suggestions and you will was just like the nearly equivalent for the to relax and play energy due to the fact would-be asked.

*67 At the January 1958 yearly conference of the NFL, Bell appointed an expansion committee, with Halas once the president. Whether or not different participants preferred additional metropolises and many remained compared to your expansion, of the 1959 a majority thought that there needs to be expansion so you can 16 teams a little while regarding the 1960’s, a few communities immediately. Aside from demands made by brand new Sporting events Statement, various providers grounds gone the number of NFL people so you can favor expansion. You will find a general impression you to definitely from the expanding appeal inside top-notch activities and also the stronger financial condition of NFL communities because of the introduction of Television or any other facts, expansion, particularly in the Southwest, is actually popular and will be completed as opposed to weakening the fresh group, in view of one’s method of equality in the to experience fuel of your communities. The people believed Houston and you can Dallas shall be the first two towns, with Minneapolis, Buffalo and you can Miami probably the most preferred candidates for later extension.

A keen NFL franchise had operate inside the Dallas on the first 1 / 2 of of your 1952 football season, however, had hit a brick wall along with started replaced by the Baltimore

For the many years 1952 to 1958, Clint Murchison, Jr. (Murchison), from Dallas, with his father got negotiated into acquisition of the brand new San Francisco 49’ers, the Arizona Redskins and also the Chi town Cardinals, into view of swinging those types of NFL companies in order to Dallas, but for one to need or another the new dealings dropped courtesy.

As well as others just who removed NFL companies inside 1957 and you may 1958 was indeed Lamar Appear, out-of Dallas, Wintertime and you will Skoglund, of Minneapolis, and the Houston Activities Association (Cullinan, Kirksey and K. S. Adams, Jr.). Bell suggested to each and every of these which they you will need to get the latest il Cardinals and import you to definitely team. For every single held ineffective deals for the Wolfners. Bell had advised Hunt, Adams and you may Howsam within the 1958 he did not believe the fresh new NFL do build up to 1961 in the earliest and you may informed Skoglund which he don’t consider an operation was provided to help you Minneapolis, once the owners did actually favor southern metropolises due to the current weather. These types of comments were not designed to and failed to to go the brand new league, however, have been made because the friendly recommendations and you will terms regarding viewpoint to help you a number of many applicants to have companies who had been continually checking out Bell.

Until January 1960 the newest bylaws of the NFL required a great unanimous choose on the granting of every most companies. During 1958 and you may 1959 the latest NFL owners discussed the latest you’ll be able to removal with the provision, in view of one’s adamant resistance of the Redskins (Marshall) while the different positions drawn from the Cardinals (the Wolfners).