We decided to play in turkey after a message on facebook from a guy named Ahmet. He said it could be awesome if we come to Turkey. This idea sounds good, so we asked him if he had some contacts and he gave us the e-mail of Semih, the ex-singer of Sakatat. After that, all was very simple, Semih answered our e-mail very fast and all was clear, he can put for us 2 or 3 gigs but he said that we definitely have to come and we’ll not regret it. And he was right !   We arrived at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport, welcomed by Semih. After this moment, all was very well orchestrated.We hung out in Istanbul, we met some very cool people, we had some drinks, awesome food. A very good first day.








The second day, we had to take the bus to go in Ankara. It was a 5h30 trip in a very confortable bus, with movies, food and drinks. The venue was near a main street, at the bottom of crazy stairs. In fact, it was not really a music venue, it was an old workshop where people used to cut some woods, but now it’s totally empty. The guys of the organization had painted some stuffs on the wall for the gig and also put some insulator for the sound. The gig wasn’t legal, and many people told us that it was a first time in Ankara.
Funny thing, we have almost died when we had eat a pizza, a brick fell down from the roof just between us. So, beware the pizzeria in Ankara…




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The gig started with the band Rektaltuse, and immediately, the crowd was unleashed !! it was very intense ! And it won’t stop till the end of the set. It was the same during the Exposed’s performance. And finally it was our time to play, we were quite stressed because we had to show to Semih that he was right to invite us. It was a real war ! The response of the crowd was totally impressive, very enthusiastic and violent (i mean, in the good way). It was very fun to play in front of people who really live the gig. The people fell on the drums 3 times during the gig, a guy opened his forehead on Nico’s guitar, and some beer and wine was spill all around the place. It was really crazy and awesome. The gig was totally amazing ! After the gig, a lot of guys went to shake our hands with a lot of compliments, it was intense and we want to thank them all! Without them, we’re nothing. The night continue with some drinks on the street, it was funny to see so many guys partying on the pavement.

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On Saturday we didn’t have any gig, so we went back to Istanbul with the guys of Exposed (and of course Semih) and we had some food on the seaside, it was very calm and peacefull. And we had another party on the pavement! But this time we had some more entertainement because we met the clone of André the giant, it was like a dream for Nico! And also we saw some fights, with very big swings!

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On Sunday we visited a little bit the European side of Istanbul, clearly the most touristic side, and we put our stuffs in the venue (Peyote), a very good looking place! The first band was a death metal band called Diabolizer. It was very good, and loud with a lot of good riffs a tight drummer and with many “hails Satan!”. The crowd was calmer than in Ankara, but still energic. We played in second, it was a great set and we had André the Giant in the public so it was a big honor. Exposed finished the gig with a very good set, full of energy!   The last day we just had some times to bought new cymbals (it’s so cheap!!), some tea and we had to leave for the Airport! It was the time to say goodbye to Semih, he was perfect, I honestly don’t know how it can be better… Even goodbyes are easy with Semih. And to finish, there was too many people at the airport, it was a real mess so even if we were on time we missed the flight… We finally have a plane 20hours later after some Jaggermeister with fanta and few hours of sleep on the airport ground.

WARFUCK-TurquieTour2014-75 WARFUCK-TurquieTour2014-77

We definitely have to come back in Turkey, the scene is tough, people are lovely, cymbals are cheap and they really want some music. It’s not like in France for example, they don’t have a lot of bands who comes from a lot of countries all the time, so when there’s one, they will be here. So, we really encourage all the bands who want to grind in Turkey to contact Semih, you will have a lot of good times for sure.


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